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Delek Lubricants was founded in 1951 as a company engaged in the production of lubricants based on mineral and synthetic oils for transportation and industry. Today Delek Lubricants is among
Israel's leaders in the field. Delek Lubricants (Delkol) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delek Israel of the Delek Group.


Delek Lubricants’ transportation lubricants comply with the specifications of many automotive manufacturers, including Mercedes, Man, Mazda and Volkswagen, and are widely used by authorized auto service centers.


Delek Lubricants’ industrial lubricants are used by industrial plants and in a wide range of applications, including hydraulics, metal working, plastics, cement and electricity.


Delek Lubricants also produces lubricants (grease), coolants and additional products for ongoing maintenance of vehicles and various types of industrial mechanization.



The companies we represent


Delek Lubricants markets products manufactured by the world's leading lubricant and chemical manufacturers, and represents them in Israel:


ExxonMobil: The world's largest oil and gas company, which among its many activities manufactures lubricants for vehicles and industry that are considered to be the world's most advanced. ExxonMobil's products have been distributed by Delek in Israel since 2006, after the two companies entered into an agreement giving Delek exclusivity in representing ExxonMobil in Israel with respect to marketing its lubricants.



Gulf Oil Marine (GOM)

Delkol entered into a partnership agreement with GOM, under which it joined the international network of the Sealub Alliance, with approximately 700 ports in 50 countries covered and will provide oils and lubricant solutions to Israeli marine companies worldwide and foreign marine companies that come to Israel.



KLÜBER: A company specializing in the manufacturer of lubricants for equipment manufacturers. Its BARRIERTA and ISOFLEX products have become leading global products, and it is considered to be a company with the most advanced R&D in the field.


BASF: Automotive radiator liquids in the Glysantin line are considered the leaders in the automotive industry.


TOTAL: Solvents free of hazardous materials. Used in the printing, cosmetics and paint industries.


SAVITA: White oils for use in the food and costmetics industries and oils for transformers.


SONNEBORN: White oils (WITCO) and petrolatum for the food and pharmaceutical industries.


OEMETA: Oils for metalworking.


MASTER CHEMICALS: Special oils for metalworking.


B.P:: Aviation lubricants for jet and piston aircrafts.



Our customers


Our diverse customer base includes gas stations, authorized service centers, military industries, food and pharmaceutical factories, metalworking facilities, plastics, chemical industries, retail chains and more.



What else does Delek Lubricants offer


Additionally, Delek Lubricants has a controlling interest in Delek Oil Refining, a company engaged in recycling used oils to create an alternative to diesel for heating, manufactured under the "Delek Hom" brand.



Delkol employs a team of 100.

The company is based in the Western Industrial Zone of Lod.



Delek Lubricants Management


Nati Gilboa - CEO

Meir Yungreiz - Finance Manager

Yakov Primor - Marketing Manager

Gabi Cohen - VP, CIO

Ofer Stroosky - COO

Itay Vered - National Sales Manager

Miriam Cohen - Laboratories Manager

Milo Talmor - Export Manager

Ofer Katz - VP Marketing and Sales, Delek Colori




Contact us


Delek Lubricants, PO Box 31, Lod 71100

Tel: 08-9270888; Fax: 072-2770660 - Delek Lubricants - Delkol website



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